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There are many areas that we can assist you by giving you some basic ideas.

John Oliver can assist with your Internet problems (connecting, email, virus, spam, spyware, malware, etc), helping you with your computer skills, develop a website that you can maintain easily yourself, sort ot why something isn't working the way it should, upgrade your programmes or operating system, and upgrade or  source new computers for you (home or business). Oliver Rural IT Solutions. We can assist you in selecting the system most appropriate to your needs. We believe this should be done before trying to set a price for a new system as there is nothing worse than being sold a computer by a sales person only to find it does not meet your needs or has cost more than you needed to spend to achieve your requirements.

Some computing Solutions

light house

It is possible to speed up your computer by reducing its current work load. simply turning off many of the background programmes and services can relieve much of the hassle of your computer being slow. To do this simply go to the command line (Run) and type in msconfig, this will open up a window that allows you to deselect programmes at startup,  deslect all but your Internet Security programme, also go to the Services and deselect any from providers other than Microsoft 9again leave any security programme). When you restart the system load is much less.