Oliver Rural IT  Solutions


John Oliver can assist with your Internet problems (connecting, email, virus, spam, spyware, malware, etc), helping you with your computer skills, develop a website that you can maintain easily yourself, sort ot why something isn't working the way it should, upgrade your programmes or operating system, and upgrade or  source new computers for you (home or business). Oliver Rural IT Solutions. We can assist you in selecting the system most appropriate to your needs. We believe this should be done before trying to set a price for a new system as there is nothing worse than being sold a computer by a sales person only to find it does not meet your needs or has cost more than you needed to spend to achieve your requirements.

Call John on 0427 412 130 to set up a remote support session.

Costs are less per hour for remote support, so its good for you as well as for us.

 uSing Teamviewer


On the Teamviewer website there is a Download icon on the desktop, click on this Teamviewer icon to select Previous versions, now choose version 10 (Teamviewer 10) and download. Choose to save the file, Save the download to your computer.
Once downloaded double click on it to Run and install it to your computer. The main question you need to select is for Personal use and the rest is default.
Once installed we can log into your computer (only with your permission) when you provide us with the relevant ID number and password (which is different each time).