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The Mini PC has become the norm.
Small in size but still very powerful

The versatile, high-performance mini PC with Intel® 10th Gen processors, DDR4 RAM, 4K UHD video output, triple storage with one M.2 SSD and two SSDs/HDDs, and WiFi 6

ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro

Latest Intel® 10th Gen processors: Core™ i7, i5, i3
Add more memory or replace existing memory in just two steps
Optical disc drive/Blu-ray player and up to three storages devices
Modern and stylish

Located in

Grey Street, York, WA, 6302

Internet Security

There are several Internet Security Suites that we recommend including:
Free Antivirus: Although not as good as a complete package the free versions may be OK for users that spend little time on the Internet and are very careful.

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