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John Oliver

John Oliver

John Oliver can assist with your Internet problems (connecting, email, virus, spam, spyware, malware, etc), helping you with your computer skills, develop a website that you can maintain easily yourself, sort ot why something isn't working the way it should, upgrade your programmes or operating system, and upgrade or source new computers for you (home or business)..

Oliver Rural

Oliver Rural

Based in York, Western Australia we are prepared to travel throughout Australia, especially rural and remote locations, to provide a professional and comprehensive service to our clients.
Bank detais for a direct bank transfer to
Oliver Rural IT Solutions are
BSB 633000 Account # 117414854



We can recieve your payments in 3 ways.
1. Our preferred is by Direct Bank Transfer to our Account which is with the York Branch of the Bendigo Bank.
BSB is 633000 and Account # 117414854
Make sure you put your Invoice number and/ or your name so we can cross reference readily.
2. Cheque - made out to Oliver Rural IT Solutions
and posted to P.O. Box 447, York, WA, 6302
3. Cash - only if hand delivered, do not post.

Operating Systems

We can help you with the options for the best Operating System for your requirements. Many people are familiar with, and happy with, Microsoft Windows 10 but this may not be appropriate if you have specific needs. Many programmes will not run on Windows 10 so you need to know what you want to use the system for before installing an operating system
For instance many Agricultural programmes, and some accounting packages, will not run on Windows 10 and you may need to use Windows 7.
If you have specific graphics, or management programmes you may be better off on a Mac system, or a Linux operating system.

Internet Security

The best Internet Security programme will be one of dozens available. For most people a programme that requires minimal input and takes care of thins pretty well on its own is what you need, for this I recommend Bullguard.
For more complex situations like an office network you may need to configure aspects, for this I recommend Kaspersky.
For people that don't do much on the Internet and are very careful some of the Free Antivirus programmes will suffice, not something I recommend.
Finally all devices should have Internet Security. This includes tablets, mobile phones, Apple Macs, etc.

Software Packages

All computers require a programme to be able to achieve what you need it for. Some of these programmes are available for free but most have a cost involved. I try to avoid subscription based software as it is usually more expensive in the long run.
Most expensive software will have a cheaper, or even free, version by another company. For instance you can replace Microsoft Office with the free Open Office, or Adobe Photoshop with PaintShop Pro (cheaper) or The Gimp (free).

Internet Options

The way you access the Internet can vary according to your location, and needs. The NBN is the main way people connect by either cable or on the phone line. This way your Internet Service Provider can give you as much data as you require, up to unlimted.
Wireless Internet is the next most common and can be through NBN or direct to an Internet Service Provider. Data is more expensive than on the cable or phone line but just as effective, better in some areas.
Satellite is the other way to connect, again through NBN and your Internet Service Provider. This may have latency issues and is the most expensive way to get data. Finally you can even create a hot spot with your mobile phone, or a WiFi dongle< and access the internet that way. This is a mid price option similar to wireless.

Laptops / Notebooks

Laptops come in all sizes and configurations. First you need to think how and why you want a laptop, and if it is better than a desktop or tablet.
The most common size is the 15.6" screen but they can be as big as 17" and as small as 13". Then you need to think about how much hard drive space, what type of hard drive, how much RAM memory, and what software you want to run.
The latest Laptops are called 2 in 1 and have the ability to be either a laptop or a tablet, usually by just folding the keyboard back out of the way.


Tablets are really a smaller touch screen laptop and for many people these highly portable devices are perfect. They are ideal for things like surfing the Internet, managing your email, and social media.
If you are highly mobile a tablet (or 2 in 1) can be the best answer for maintaining your lifestyle.
A tablet mainly used apps (applications) to help you work though the tasks you need. These apps will be available from the app store (Apple) or the Google apps store on an Android.
Whether you use an Apple iPad or an Android from a supplier like Samsung is a personal choice and is best considered when you look at the apps you want to use, if you need it to share with your mobile phone, or your computer. Keeping things aligned is very helpful.

Help Desk

We provide support from our workshop in York and you are welcome to bring your computer to us.
We like to come to you but sometimes a remote log in is the best way to help, we can do this from anywhere and to you wherever you are.
Sometimes all we need is to have a chat on the phone to resolve your questions or issues.
Whatever your needs just start of with a call to John on 0427412130.



Bullguard is the Internet Security Programme I recommend for most users.



Sometimes for business level clients I will recommend Kaspersky.

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