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Oliver Rural IT Solutions

We use Teamviewer to support to rural business, homes, farms and stations.
Safe, simple and easy remote support.

Oliver Rural IT Solutions use Teamviewer to provide support to you now.

If you don't already have Teamviewer to allow us to support you then go to Teamviewer.com and download the Free version.

As you install choose to use the default settings and then as a single home user (Free version).

You can then call us and set up a remote support where you can participate and control the interactions.

Safe, simple and easy remote support.


Postal Address

John Oliver
43 Grey Street
York 6302
Email: John@oliverrural.com.au

Located in

Grey Street, York, WA, 6302

Phone Contact

Phone: 0427412130
John Oliver
Mobile: 0427 412 130
Email: John@oliverrural.com.au

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Call John on 0427412130
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