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Mini PCs, Desktops, Towers, Servers, Notebooks, Laptops, Tablets, All in One, Slates, etc.

The range of systems available is virtually unlimited. Whether you prefer a Mini PC, and All in One PC, a tower (Full, Midi or small form factor), a laptop, notebook, or a tablet, there are possibilities that can match your needs and budget.


  • Mini PC

    The Mini PC is now a very capable system, often just as powerful as a desktop tower system, but in a much reduced size. A mini PC saves space yet still can have the same processing capability, memory, and storage capacity as the most powerful desktop or laptop.

  • Desktops

    Desktop computers were once the most common type of system in homes and businesses. Even though they are not so widespread they do offer possibly the best value for money. This is especially the case for specialised needs like graphics management, gaming, and general office functions.

  • Notebook

    Notebooks, or laptops, are highly portable and capable computer systems. The range of options include screen size, RAM, processer and graphics capability, storage size and type, as well as operating system.

  • Tablets

    Tablets are really a computer that is built into the back of a touch screen. They are capable of doing most of the same things as a laptop or desktop computer, but are much more portable and light.
    There are variations in screen size, memory and storage capacity, methods of functioning, and operating system.
    Common tablets include the Apple iPad, Android systems (like the Samsung tablets), and the Windows based (Microsoft Surface).

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