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Pilbara Stations

We travel throughout the country in our 4x4 motor home truck supporting rural communities, farms and stations.
We can also provide remote access support where we can log into your computer and discuss with you any issues and assist you resolving all matters.

Web Sites

Web Sites

“We can assist you to register your domain name, set up a website that you can manage and update yourself, and create personalised email addresses with that domain name.”
John Oliver,, York, WA, 6302


Technology in all areas

We have the capacity to assist you to choose the appropriate version of technolgy for your situation.
This may be a computer system, peripherals, Internet connections, solar power, sound systems, etc
Some of these we will recommend experts in these fields to complete the installations and we manage the project to ensure quality controls and satisfaction.
Call John on 0427412130 for support, advice, or a quote.

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