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Hardware includes all the key components of your requirements and may include a PC (computer) or laptop, as well as all its attached components.

The range of hardware available is virtually unlimited however depending on your requirements it can be simplified. Most office type arrangements are best suited to a desktop computer, which may be a miniPC, small form factor computer or a tower style computer. Which suits you best can depend on space, looks, and availablity to upgrade.
A laptop (Notebook) may be suitable if you require portability, off site or around the working environment. These are especially useful for people that work from home as well as the business location.
Peripherals are anything that connects to the PC or laptop and may include a monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, speakers, microphone, external DVD player, etc.


  • PCs

    Many of us require a computer for use in our daily life. Whether this is for personal use or business can affect which configuration suits us best.

    A standard desktop computer is usually appropriate for a home office or business situation. Computers may be sized according to space, power requirements and storage. MiniPCs are small yet powerful, small form factor systems are medium sized, and towers are larger yet provide greater capability to have extra features and possible upgrading.

    Laptops, or Notebooks, are available in various sizes and with a huge range of power and capability options. These are suitable for people that need to have access to the technology from more than one location, especially if in several locations.

    There are also a huge range on tablets, smartphones, and flexible laptops available today which are suitable as technology solutions, especially when linked to peripherals like a second monitor when in the office.

  • peripherals

    Peripherals are generally essential to your operations and help the makeup of the whole computer system. Essential components are obviously a monitor, keyboard and mouse.
    Monitor size and features can make using the system a pleasure or a pain. Ensure you have one that is large enough for your needs, or you may wish to have multiple monitors to help your operations.
    Keyboard and mouse configurations also make a huge difference with your daily operations, so take time to get the best for your personal requirements.
    Other usually essentials include a printer, scanner, or multifunction device. The latest multifunction printers are very cost effective and provide for your needs. Make sure the printing, or scanning, quality is suitable for your needs and consider the ongoing costs for items like cartridges as operating costs are usually higher than initial purchase price..
    Internet connection is often overlooked but key to good operations. You can connect through NBN, wireless, or Satellite depending on location and availability of service providers. no matter how you connect make sure your router is capable of making the most of your available speeds and connecting all your devices by wired and wireless methods.
    Backup systems usually require a hardware component. This may be a simple USB memory stick, an external hard disk drive, a storage device on your network (NAS), or a combination of these. Do not rely totally on an on line storage facility, even though these are convenient and have major benefits.

  • networking

    Networking devices are generally part of most home and business set ups. This may be a simple wireless modem router, or may include a full mesh network with all sorts of devices linked. In todays convenience world the ability to increase your capability needs to be factored in at the early stage of setting up. Think of all your current needs and then some of the things you may want to add, then double your capability because there are things you will see later that you will want to add.

  • security

    Security devices such as cameras, door answering devices and remote control of doors etc have become common. Connecting these to your network and providing control through your computer, tablet or mobile phone apps can all be made simple if planned carefully and allowance made for gradual increases in data requirements.

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